Stop Specific Bots From Earning Points


Just wondering if there is a way to stop specific bots from earning points (ie nightbot hnlbot etc) so they wouldnt show up in the top commands etc


add them to the bot list in scripts/commands/topCommand.js the 2 bots you said are already in that list though

var bots = ['moobot', 'nightbot', 'xanbot', 'hnlbot', 'ohbot', 'wizebot', 'vivbot', 'coebot', 'branebot', 'monstercat', 'curseappbot', 'revlobot', 'muxybot', 'faegwent'], // Add your own name that you want to be in the list here.


i check it and in new wesion this is in file but dont work bot counting points for himself


Solution has changed. Either use !penalty or read: