Stream Alert (Thumbnail & Manual trigger) Question/Feature RQ


Two questions; (question and feature RQ, not sure where to post seeing as it’s both support and request)

First, is there a possibility to manually trigger the live event?
(A command in discord for example, I could setup another bot to automatically delete the command after it’s been executed in the text channel, if phantombot can’t do this itself).

For these reasons:

  1. It sometimes bugs out, which I need to follow with a restart of the bot. (rare, but it happens)
    When the stream is already live after this happens, it won’t post a live notification.

  2. I start the stream, but my internet cuts off shortly after, or I need to fix something and for that need to restart the stream. The bot then posts the live announcement, as well as the following offline message.

I restart the stream, but because it was recently announced, it doesn’t announce it again.

For both these circumstances, it would be fantastic to have a manual live trigger.
If it goes live, then announces it goes offline. People will assume it’s still offline so long as there’s no new live announcement.

The other question was;
How often does the image/thumbnail grab happen? (I still had a thumbnail from weeks ago despite streaming daily)
Is there a way to make it grab a new thumbnail each time the stream starts?
Is there also a way to add a delay before it grabs the thumbnail? So it doesn’t always show the ‘stream starting soon’ screen, as it grabs it shortly after it’s gone live.


PhantomBot Version: Latest
OS Version: CentOS
Java Version: Latest
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Firefox
Stock PhantomBot: Yes

If a feature is not working, please provide console output, output from chat, logs, some sort of additional information to help us troubleshoot and provide assistance as needed:


This seems to be part feature request part issue, the thumbnail issue is cause by how Discord caches images, since Twitch always returns us the same URL, Discord caches the image, I did implement a way to bypass it which seems to work for some people that I know, not sure why it wouldn’t for you.

As for your manual request trigger, we’ll look into it!


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