Stream is offline, but bot says I am online?


PhantomBot Version: 2.3.9
OS Version: Ubuntu as a VPS
Java Version: Latest
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): n/a
Stock PhantomBot: Yes
Any Recent Changes to Your System: Yes/No (Just package updates)

Description of Issue: My bot says that I am online in the panel, and has been tweeting out I am online with “Dar0be is still playing XYZ, (Twitch Link)” And I have been online in hours. Any ideas? Or could this just be a random twitch derp? I haven’t had this problem with 2.3.8 and it seems fairly random.


If you look at the panel, does the bot think you are still online?


That would be correct.



OK. If you’re running the bot on a VPS, I presume it’s running as a service? If so, cd into the directory it sits in then use ./ to get the bot running with the console.

Give it time to start, then check the panel again. Type offlinetest to cheat the bot into thinking you’re offline. Just to make sure, use onlinetest then offlinetest again to give it a good kicking, before shutting down the bot and restarting as a service.

Hopefully this will reset it enough to pick up your real status properly. Note that the onlinetest will trigger Discord and Twitter alerts if you have them set up.


Okay so far so good. I’ll probably put into the console a command to kick it like that just for CYA.

Thanks for the help Auroris.


No problem. Let us know if that doesn’t work, but that’s about the best I can think of.

Only other thing I could suggest would be to regenerate the key the bot is using for your stream status, which is either the auth or oauth key in bot login, I forget which, but restarting the bot should clear any caching issues, if that’s the problem.

Otherwise I think a dev might have to weigh in, but I hope that helps.


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