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Java Version: 1.8.0_131-b11
OS Version: Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64 (amd64)
Panel Version: 1.1
PhantomBot Version: 2.3.9 (Revision: 37009b50)

Hi little Problems, little Questions. :smiley:

First my English is not the Best have we a German Space here who can get Helped from a Teammember in German.

In the FAQ were nice when we can find a Information about how to connect to Console fastest. (Stop the Bot “Service” and Run it via Launch.sh to see the Console) “That we can find the Information by type botinfo” :slight_smile:

Main Question
How can make Textfiles or Read textfiles with Latest Follower, Last Donation, Last Subscribers.
Maybe have from the Team a Member looking the Stream Labs - Stream Label Tool and my Question is has Phantombot a Feature / Option to Grab the Same like Stream Labels.


Do you wish to read the files and have them displayed in your stream, or looking for the commands to present that information in chat?


Looking that i can Read and Displayed in my Stream. I Use Xsplit for Streaming but i think its not Different between OBS. :slight_smile:


Assuming you can capture a browser source then, you can access the /addons folder and files within it. This assumes that you are running locally with localhost, if not, replace with the proper IP address/hostname:


For example, to get the latestFollower.txt file:


You may also pass other options, such as the following to automatically refresh from the file every few seconds:


You may also use the marquee parameter to display data as a marquee:


You may tweak the marquee:


Currentsong in OBS? (vServer)

OK thats Sound nice :slight_smile: But were a Option that i have the Last 10 Followers “All The Time” in a Txt File to Read and Displayed in my Stream ?

When i Reach last Session or last 30 Days no new Follower and the Blank file is Ugly. :slight_smile:

Want Showed the last 10 Followers were nice, give it a option about this ?
With the Twitch Api were a Option to Limit last Follows.

And must i Activate else in the Panel to Track it in the Files ?


The file will always show the last follower/donation/etc. If you want to pull the last 10 followers, you have options:

  1. Modify the followHandler.js script to keep a number of users in the follows file.
  2. Call the Twitch API from a JavaScript to get the last 10 followers (be sure to check for errors, the API has been known to go down).
  3. Modify the Core to dump the last ten followers to a file when the endpoint is pulled to determine if there are new followers to the channel.


Ok the 3. Option were the best i think or a new Script for this "Options that i can Showed me in Seperate Files Last 10 Followers , Other File Last 5 Donations and Other File for last 5 Subscribers / Resubs… Want this all the Time and by the Subscriber the Active Subscribers and Resubs.

What Programming Language must Learn to can Manage this Problems in Future self ?
You can tell me a good Guide or good Book to Learn a good Basic Know How to Unterstand how it works.

Sorry for that Bad English!


No need to apologize for language.

The Core uses Java. The JavaScript handlers could also be modified to make new files. You may also open a Feature Request to store the last 10 followers, donations, and subscribers to files. We can prioritize the request and see if it gets upvotes.



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