Stream pop-outs for Pokemon Game


I was wondering if anyone has ever attempted to do this.

Searching through the forums I bumped into the Pokemon/Waifu game that has already been posted. It got me thinking about if someone has tried to attempt creating pop-outs (similar to the notification pop-outs streamers create whenever people follow/sub/etc.) while viewers are playing. Could be a simple slide in text with who caught what pokemon? Maybe there would be a way to implement an image along with the notification?

I’m not sure how it would be done in the slightest, just stirring up the creativity pot.


That’t not difficult - just modify the script and send a JSON to a notification-page. Receive the text and print it out.

I have wrote an own “Pokemon Gamble” Game, that worked similar like this. But this 2 things are essential to show a “simple slide in text”.

Maybe a little bit of css is needed