Stream preview video and viewer list


Is it possible to get a viewer list (separate from the chat) and stream preview (resizable and toggle-able) into the control panel?

Resizable video preview

Resizeable no but if you close the bot and download the files below and replace it in the panel page then you can also have

dashboard.html (12.9 KB)
index.html (12.2 KB)

Please inspect the code using with the file you have so it doesnt break things before replacing… this way you can also see what was added


Video preview is in the post above, about the chatters list, Twitch doesn’t have an official Twitch chatters list, the only one is unofficial and it’s inaccurate and sometimes doesn’t work. Just a few weeks ago it was down for 3 days. Yes, we know AnkhBot, DeepBot, and other bots have a viewers list, but they also use that unofficial list. From the past, when things are inaccurate, we tend to get a lot of complaints and we can’t fix something that isn’t made by us.


Deepbot also uses the join and part event not the chatters list so some times it has uses in the bots list thats isnt in the channel or sometimes it says people have left and joins back when they havnt


Those events stop working when the channel has over 100 viewers it seems. Twitch says it’s 1000, but for some users when they get over 100 viewers it stops working. We also use that event, and some other creative method to keep track of viewers, but it’s all stored in memory.


ya could be why deepbot maxes out at 500 :slight_smile:


This is fantastic, thanks. However, it doesn’t seem to be working. I just get a blank space, like so. Same behavior in both Firefox and (naked) Chrome. Can’t seem to figure it out. Chat is still working fine. Any ideas?


Could i see the console and see if any error also if you have discord and join phantom bots server i could voice chat and help if thats any easyer

Also try ctrl + r to refresh and clear cache at the same time???


Got it working. It seemed to be a problem with my uMatrix, which still doesn’t explain why it wasn’t working in Chrome as well but all good now.


The 4 files below will add a better version of the video player as showen here
(requires 1920 x 1080 monitor or above)

style.css (19.0 KB)
index.html (13.4 KB)
dashboard.html (13.9 KB)
dashboardPanel.js (29.8 KB)


Viewers list can also already be seen by clicking the icon in the chat window so would be pointless having it else where too


There’s an unknown line:

28: script src="/cdn-cgi/apps/head/r9vw1eBPuvYPBNJt7WNKJGvFIIU.js" /script

that was causing an error, otherwise works great thanks!