Strip @ from sender on all commands



I believe it would be useful to have a command pre-processor that stripped the @ from the beginning of commands. This way you could issue a !addpoints @user 2 (using user name completion to insert the user name).

Some of my followers have strange spelling / difficult names… it would be handy to just @ them and have the command strip that off the sender arg and proceed as normal.

thanks for your consideration


I believe they added this functionality to the points commands (it’d be in the nightly, not the stable), but scripts you add on your own you’d have to add it in.

In twitch you’re also able to start typing a name, and then press Tab, and it’ll bring up a list like it would if you @'d them.


Thanks mate - for some reason, I thought I always had to put @ – fantastic. I strip the @ in my custom commands.