In the future, I’d like to see support for sub-commamands, kind of like !multi and !multi set. I’m not a coder, so I’m not sure if this would be easy to program for us, but I could definitely see it being used a lot.


Please do not open more then 1 post for the same thing…


I totally forgot I did that xD.
My apologies. Although, I do think this post is more of a feature request, while the other was more of a question on if it was possible.


The support is there, you create custom scripts to handle this. The custom commands are meant to be individual commands without unnecessary complication to keep the parser running as quickly as possible for fast response times.


So can I get a guide or something on how to do this?


If you search the forum for Dakoda i’m pretty sure my scripts have this if you wish to read the code and learn if you want?

this one for sure has it


Also, part of the source base contains an example module (script):