Toggles not working



I’m using the newest version of Phantombot on a server. locally it didn’t work too.


Version, browser version, browser console logs, logs, please. Have you recently upgraded. Did you upgrade in place. Did you setup a new directory and copy over just your config and custom language files. This is from my server with


Sorry. I used Firefox and Safari. The problem was on the previous version too. I updated manually (copy custom web-folders database and bot login file into config - no custom language files), let the rest as it is.

Logs on Browser just said, that some files couldn’t be load.

Maybe something wrong with the database - I will try to use a new one later just to see. Hope I can transfer all user-datas later on, if this was the problem.


Only thing I can see causing this is some sort of database corruption. Since you’re seeing data, that means all ports should be opened.