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Music Player for PhantomBot is a tool for live-streamers they using the Song Request from PhantomBot written in C#.

It embeds your PhantomBot YouTube music player with “Current Song” detection for third-party uses.


  • Embed your PhantomBot YouTube Music Player into a desktop software
  • Detect your “Current Song” and write it into a text file, also the output format can be changed
  • That’s it, simple for display song request titles in your livestream!



As written above its programmed in C#. It will be working on windows well. For other operating systems you need to emulate the program (on Linux for example with Mono, not tested yet).

You need to have installed .NET Framework 4.6.1 on your system to use it.


You can download the current version directly on GitHub here.

After download and unzip it move the folder to the location on your drive you want. Now it’s time to start: Execute the “PB-MusicPlayer.exe” file.

Time for configuration: To setup the program you need your PhantomBot credentials and host both.

Any questions or issues with setting it up? Feel free to join our Discord channel (#phantombot-musicplayer)!

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The program and his source code too is covered by MIT License


I just copy this page from my README file on GitHub, I hope it does clearing all questions. Feel free to commend and ask everything here!

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Hi there, this looks like a great way to get rid of the browser on my Stream PC. Is there a way to set the output sound device?

I have various programs like VLC using specific sound devices so I can mix it into the main output.



Spotify support would be an awesome alternative.


Spotify Developer Terms of Service:

Integration with Third Party Services. You will not create any product or service by integrating the Spotify Platform, Spotify Service, or Spotify Content with (i) any non-interactive internet webcasting service or (ii) streams from another service.

Technically, although I am sure other bots disregard this, this is not allowing the service to be integrated (mixed) with another streaming service (Twitch). Technically, you would be broadcasting audio (Content) from Spotify, which would potentially violate the Developer Terms of Service which limits us, as developers, from adding the service.

Ability to song request be used on spotify

Ah that is unfortunate, is there a change that maybe in the future you guys can do a standalone plugin for spotify so that you can use it at your own risk ?


As a professional software engineer, I prefer not to violate the Developer Terms of Service of another product. I perform enterprise development and do not really want to risk ever having anything come back on me personally. I have to think about my professional career and the thoughts of my employer if I were to violate an agreement like that. Perhaps another developer is willing to ignore the agreement, but, personally, I am not.

To give you an idea of how seriously I take agreements, I had my hiring contract modified when it indicated that any software i developed belonged to my employer; I indicated that i worked on Open Source projects and wanted that to stay Open and Free. So, my hiring contract was modified, else, I probably would not be working on PhantomBot right now.


As wrote on GitHub, it will be the next function I would like add! :slight_smile:


As @IllusionaryOne wrote here, we have to respect the terms of service. Because, I also do that like him and would not break the contract or something else whats not allowed.

Also this is about PhantomBot not for Spotify its going out of maintenance and out of topic :wink: