Trying New WebSocket Server for Control Panel


As of the Nightly Build for 2017 June 23, there is an option to try out a new WebSocket server for the Control Panel (this does not apply to the YouTube Player). We are attempting to use another third-party websocket server package and have made several tweaks to it in an attempt to find ways to stabilize the SSL issues that are occurring with the current version of the WebSocket server for the Control Panel.

Some of the methods we are using:

  • Additional trapping of errors from the server.
  • An auto-restart of the WebSocket server if an error is detected.
  • A more simplified WebSocket implementation.

While this has been tested in SSL and non-SSL mode, note that this has been tested on a VPS that has not exhibited the issues that people have been reporting. If someone is having troubles with the Control Panel in SSL mode and would like to try this out, please add the following to your botlogin.txt:


Please report back if any improvement or further issues are discovered in the Nightly Build Bug Report section. Please include any error logs and console messages that you may see related to the websocket server.

WebPanel keeps returning with "Websocket Error" or something along those lines