Twitch checker


i was wondering if phantom-bot can check to see if your following the channel, community and the twitch team buy using a command !check twitch user and then one of the staff members react with 3 check marks to get a role?


also be done by twitch api?


Hi there.
Please take a look at our Command Variables. As you can see, we have a command variable to check follow age: (followage).

As for this:

I have no idea what you’re asking for here, can you elaborate?


like if i run a discord cmd !check csj90 , Checks for csj90 (twitch id:0000000) completed.
:white_check_mark: Follows Twitch community
:white_check_mark: Set Twitch community
:white_check_mark: Follows Twitch channel
:white_check_mark: In Twitch team

A member of the Support Team can react below to grant you a role. like that if they are not following they get a red x


They’re wanting to implement a feature that the Streamers Connected Discord chat uses.

The check mark and x that Streamers Connected use are customized emotes.

I know it’s possible to use the bot to check if you’re following a channel, but as for the rest I don’t know. However, the bot has access to the twitch api so I assume there’s a way you could implement it.

Basically you just need to get a boolean value if they are following/etc or not… Then you send the string to discord. You will have to use the emote code instead of the emote, which would be a random set of numbers like <23578756438>.


The random string of numbers are there userid for twitch


I know, but the numbers I mentioned are different.

For instance, here’s one of my emotes:

Notice it’s a number (and in this case also has a name) in the console.


Thank you and can it be a idea for that


So, here is the thing. Right now we get (virtually) unlimited API requests. Soon, that will be dropped to a lower number. We will have to consider how many times something like this can be ran against Twitch. It would also have to rely on cached data some.

For example, in the upcoming Twitch API release you will get 30 requests a minute, unless we tie everything to another format, then 120. Now, 120 seems like a lot but, PhantomBot has to pull a lot of data already for the normal items we report on. So, the above, I am guessing, could be more than one query per person. As for Setting the Twitch Community - I need to understand that more, if we are updating a person’s data in Twitch, that usually requires another type of access based on the user. I digress though, let us say the above does need four queries. Assume PhantomBot already needs to make around 10 or so queries in a minute to keep up with normal operations. That leaves 110. Now, if the only thing being done in the minute is the above query, you will have a limited number of times to run it before Twitch disallows you from pulling any more data. This could cut off PhantomBot from getting critical information that you rely on (is my stream up?) to get that data.

So, anything like this will require a bit of architecture and thought, especially with Helix. This also assumes Helix will support this same data - we have seen some data disappear from Helix that is in the v5 API.

I am hesitant, personally, but will talk with the rest of the team, about adding new Twitch API calls until we get ready to move over to Helix this summer. Why? Let us say that Twitch doesn’t add back in a data feature at all, and they have indicated some things are going away, I hate to implement a feature, then come November/December turn it off because Twitch doesn’t give us the data anymore. Then have users come at us with, “why is this broken?!” and when we say “talk to Twitch” we receive insults and bad attitudes instead of understanding that we can’t make Twitch do things.

Anyway, if this gets some upvotes, will at least add to the Trello board as an investigation item.