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i don’t know if this has been already been covered but i am trying to set my bot up to cheer 25 bits when ever viewers have about 25 points for watching by using the command !points4bitties i wanted it more for the viewers that can’t afford to spend any money on them.

i got it set up to reply with a thank you message and to take the points from the viewer, and put a 2 hour cooldown on it so i am not spending a lot on them but twitch does not seem to notice that its a cheer and just posts it as chat

can you help me please?


Twitch does not support Cheers in IRC chat at this time:

I see no other information regarding this from Twitch. My guess is that, the cheer system is integrated slightly differently than most chat commands. Especially because Twitch provides a “cooldown” to decide to cheer or not and probably has to perform some additional verification before really allowing it to go through.


it also breaks TOS to give something for bits if it can be used for irl thinsg like giveaways of stuff


They were doing the opposite.


True, but it could be still considered a grey area because points are traded for bits, but, I’m no lawyer. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Twitch hasn’t opened up to IRC; disallow bots in general from entering the grey areas or outright breaking the TOS.


My only plan with this is to give my streamer friend the bitties i got for her and let loyal followers feel like they can support the streamer by giving the points they earn for there time watching to her as my bitties i loaded the bot with with no reward to the viewer for it. Twitch does the same in the form of watching advert for bits when ever that works


Right, but Twitch (Amazon) can determine how they want the bits to be distributed and used, we cannot. If they choose to reward folks by watching ads and returning a small amount of the revenue stream that they get from ads, they are free to do so. They write the TOS and the AUP.

The bottom line is, Twitch does not currently support bits to be used from IRC chat, so, we cannot support it.


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