Twitch - custom commands for subscribers only


PhantomBot Version: 2.3.9 stable version

sorry if im being blind
So…i just downloaded and did some instalations, added a commands and i have special comand (for ex. !vanish) which i want to be used for subscribers only. Not followers or regular persons, but only subs. How can i set permision for that comand?

The second question i want to add my own raffle which will give random answers as people will type.
What language you need to do that script? JS?

thanks for the all answers


If you set the command for subscriber only, only subscribers and higher will be able to use that command. You can use !permcom to do this. All of the bot’s scripts are codded in Rhino JavaScript, if you want to make your own, I suggest taking a look at our how to make your own script guide for PhantomBot.

0 - Caster
1 - Administrator
2 - Moderator
3 - Subscriber
4 - Donator
5 - Hoster (No used)
6 - Regular
7 - Viewer


aaand…1 more question if !vanish is used (which just timeouts user for 1s) can it be second comand used at same way?
for ex !vanish triggers !vanishsecond
!vanish (/timeout (sender) 1)
!vanishsecond ((sender) disappeared)


This get’s a bit complicated.

!addcom vanishtimeout /timeout (sender) 1
!addcom vanishmessage (sender) vanished
!permcom vanishtimeout 3
!permcom vanishmessage 3
!aliascom vanish vanishtimeout ;vanishmessage


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