Twitch Looking for Bots to Register for Enhancements


Twitch is currently looking for folks to register their bots to help better serve the development community. Their reasoning is:

In order to make better decisions about how to identify and allow for non-malicious bots, we’re asking you to add any and all bots to a form. This will do several things:

Increases number of unique recipients of whispers
Increases burst capacity of sending whispers (ie per second and per minute max)
Increases chat rate limit from 20 to 50 in a 30 second window.
Small tweaks to various filters where they apply to automated chat messages (ie spam filtering)

There is a form to fill out, however, you will need to know your bot’s Twitch ID (not the login name, a numerical ID), and they have a link on the below page to help you find that - also you MUST have 2FA enabled for the Bot Account, this has tripped up several people:

Again, please note that in order to qualify for this change, you must enable two factor authentication on the bot’s account.

That said, you are not required to register your bot, but, by doing so, you might be able to better serve not only the PhantomBot community but the Twitch bot development community as a whole. If you are having troubles whispering, your bot may have been shadowbanned. Please register your bot to have Twitch check it and see if that is the issue.

Twitch has provided a method for check for the is_known_bot flag to ensure that you have been approved. Use to see if your bot has been marked as ‘known.’ Thanke to TheRealAlixe for throwing up a service to verify this.


Phantom bot not responding to all/some whispers
Bot Unable to Send Any Whispers

I can verify that Twitch is in fact verifying bots, as mine is:


I highly recommend that folks take the time to register their bots with Twitch. I believe they have even simplified the process and show you how to get your ID on the registration page.

EDIT: Per a later post, only certain legacy bots are “verified”, newer bots will be “known” but that is not exposed yet.


What api do you use to check???


You can check the $.is_verified_bot in in kraken v5, for example:

Replace 62809083 with your bot ID.


Added that api to my lookup user page at then people can just use the username no need for id :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the information <3


You should then use your own Client ID and not the one from Twitch for their registration page…I assume you are using your own?


it is using my own it uses the one for my sign in page for my website


You da man!


i like to help the people of phantom bot the best to my ability <3


Edited the original post with your link. Thanks for that!


Also adding a lookup to the Twitch API at startup, if the bot is verified:

[08-21-2017 @ 23:42:30.143 MDT] 
[08-21-2017 @ 23:42:30.677 MDT] Bot Verification Status: Verified.
[08-21-2017 @ 23:42:30.703 MDT] Connecting to Twitch WS-IRC Server (SSL) []

If NOT verified:

[08-21-2017 @ 23:42:30.143 MDT] 
[08-21-2017 @ 23:42:30.677 MDT] Bot Verification Status: NOT Verified.
[08-21-2017 @ 23:42:30.703 MDT] Connecting to Twitch WS-IRC Server (SSL) []

This check will only happen during startup. It does not affect any behavior in the PhantomBot code, it is simply an information message.


Moved this check to debug only. I was already getting questions from nightly users, I can’t imagine once we push it to stable.

Reasons are in the pull request.


So, this check should probably come out, an update from Xangold:

Please keep in mind that is_verified_bot is NOT the status being applied here. I’ll see if we can expose is_known_bot We have 3 tiers of bots (currently)

Normal user account
Known Bots (which is being applied here)
Verified Bots (legacy, meant for large multi chat bots)

My bot is verified according to the lookup, which isn’t the same, it sounds like, as the bot being “known” by this registration process.


I followed the steps for this back in april and I am a known bot now but I still cannot have the bot send any whispers. Since it appears that bots can no longer become verified does that mean I will never be able to have this bot send whispers?

ETA: A Word


As an update, this is still not a silver bullet for whispers, from Xangold:

All whispers? is_known_bot doesn’t toggle ability to send, but slightly increases rate limits, and prevents some anti-spam controls from applying, but not all. It doesn’t grant the nearly-unlimited rates of verified bots.

So, it seems that whispers still are not really intended to be “bot’d.” At least, that is my opinion based on what is being said there. The bot can still be caught by the spam filter and who knows what other countermeasures Twitch has in place.