Twitch Ranks Shared to Discord


Hi All,

Simply, can I add Twitch ranks to Discord? I am surprised I didn’t see this in the Discord commands list. Just wondering if it exists or would be possible to setup.



This is currently not a feature, moving this topic to the feature request section.


Okay. Thank you for moving it to the appropriate place!


Subs getting discord roles is already a feature build into Discord. You’ll need to link your twitch account in your discord user settings and then go to integrations tab in your discords server settings.


Less useful for subs and resubs, but really useful to replace bots like Dyno. I want to be able to move new users to roles in the discord based on time, and linking the Twitch ranks to Discord would be an outstanding solution. I had tweeted about this some time ago but never made it on here to make a post. Glad someone else also thinks this is a good idea.



Wow! I gotta try this! Thank you!


Sorry for gettin this old topic out of the shadows, but on my discord the bot isnt put everyone in the subgroup even if they have linked account and sync is enable ?! Is there anything i need to do ?


You sound like you’re referring to the role granted by Discord that allows emote usage, that has nothing to do with PhantomBot. The feature this post is talking about allows roles setup in Twitch chat and gained over time to be synchronized with Discord.


ah i see i thought that sups would be granted to the sup group in discord without me doing it manually and get listed on the right side in the group Supscriber ?!


This is what you seem to be indicating you’re talking about. Again, to clarify this has zero to do with PhantomBot and we don’t offer support for it. If you can’t get it setup please contact Discord for help with features they provide.

This post is about the time based rank system that you can view in the control panel for Twitch modules being ported to Discord so they will be synchronized across platforms.


thanks for this information .)