Twitter posts not making it to Discord


I’ve been trying to set up my bot to post my tweets on Discord, and so far I’ve had no luck at all.

Yes, I have Twitter support properly set up on the Twitch end. I can tweet from my Twitch chat just fine.

Yes, I set up the Discord end correctly, as near as I can discern; I enabled the module, turned it on, and told the bot which channel to post tweets in.

So mostly, I’m just confused. Am I missing something somewhere?


Please can we have the below information.

PhantomBot Version:
OS Version:
Java Version:
Browser and Version (for Panel Support):
Stock PhantomBot: Yes/No (Yes if you have not modified the scripts or Java Core)
Any Recent Changes to Your System: Yes/No

Other than that, the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is regarding where you’ve targeted a channel for the tweets to go to. Did you include the # when setting this?


I’m using the latest PhantomBot version,, on Windows 10. I let Java update every time it asks (pain in the butt that it is), so it should also be whatever-the-latest-version-is. I have both the latest Chrome and Firefox, so I can use either-or (though I prefer Chrome).

I modified the stream info commands, but other than that, I don’t really modify my PhantomBot’s files. (Besides, basic things stop working every time I do something wrong, so if I break something by modifying files, I know immediately to revert any changes I make.)

As for recent changes to my system, I don’t remember when the last time was that it decided to restart for an update. But it’s the latest version too.

As for putting a # when setting the channel, I was asked about that on Twitter, and also specifically told I should not put a # in front of the channel name when assigning it, so I didn’t. I’ve tried assigning it from the panel, tried assigning it from Discord, doesn’t seem to matter.


Can you show me your Twitter settings under the Twitter section of the control panel please?


You requested to see my main Twitter settings, so here you go.


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Can you also show me the settings under the discord tab for the Twitter module? Also the ones for polling options.



I didn’t think I needed any polling options, since I figured that if I tweet, the bot should realize I tweeted something and post what I tweeted automatically.

I also cannot get my bot to post donation notifications or clips on Discord, and I know the proper modules are enabled and the items are on with options set which channel to post those events in.


And here’s the Discord-Twitter setting you asked for.


The polling options are needed if you’re wanting the bot to post Tweets in your Discord. The polling options tell the bot what it is allowed to grab from your Twitter account. Could you also show me the settings for your other modules that don’t work?


I’ve got tweets working now thanks to being told I need to poll my User Timeline, so that angle of matters is resolved.

So we move on to donations and clips not being posted; I suppose we’ll do donations first.

The main donationHandler module is enabled and turned on as well. Do I need to do any special authorizations to allow my bot to detect donations (or formally connect it to StreamLabs)? That could very well be the problem if I need to do such a thing.


Yes, you’ll need to setup the StreamLabs module to allow the bot to post your donations into Discord. You just need to setup the token, you don’t need to enable the Twitch module if you don’t want to.


My remaining issue is clips.

As you can see, the bot is set up correctly (as far as I know?), and yet clips are not appearing in the proper channel. Clips have been made since I’d initially set the bot up, so it can’t possibly just be “nobody’s made any clips.”


I didn’t make this module, however if I remember right the module also needs to be enabled in the Twitch section for it to work, as well as the toggle too. It might require a restart after that. Note that it can take up to 10 minutes for a new clip to be detected (Depending on how Twitch API is acting).


The event fires in both the Discord and Twitch handler, whichever is on is where it would display; but the core will not query Twitch unless the Twitch handler is enabled - this is to ensure that we aren’t just hammering an API if the data isn’t to be presented. Yes, it can take 10+ minutes. Also, Twitch doesn’t provide us with each new clip as it is created. Please read the following for more details about the limitations of the API that Twitch provides:

Unfortunately, this module tries as best as possible to detect new clips, but, there are conditions that exist that will result in new clips not being detected. If you want to give me the channel name, I can run an API test from my side and make sure that the data is coming back and (in theory) would trigger the clips announcement.