Twitter Retweet Rewards


The application has to baseline the first time and determine your last retweet. However, for posts and retweets, it is limited to only producing one item, not multiple. Please open a new support ticket will all applicable information if it does not relate to the Rewards in the latest Nightly Build (in which case, file a Bug Report under the Nightly Builds -> Bug Reports section).


it made the first announcement about a retweet reward being given but it hasn’t checked again or announced any retweets that I had. I did change the timing to 0.5 hours


Tested in my chat:

[06-28-2017 @ 14:54:56.243 MDT] [MUTED] Retweets from notillusionary1, queenevilness, ilimakitty, ctg9580! Reward of 100 points given!

[06-28-2017 @ 14:55:58.985 MDT] [MUTED] [Twitter Feed From @IllusionaryOne] [RT] When the driving monitor from the insurance company gives you an A for speed and your wife a C-. []

[06-28-2017 @ 15:00:05.776 MDT] [MUTED] Retweets from notillusionary1! Reward of 100 points given!

I could give you my debugging version of the PhantomBot.jar that dumps out “ERROR” messages with all of the JSON retrieved from Twitter so it goes to a log file and can see what is going on behind the scenes, but, I am getting output here at least.

If you changed the timing, the next retweet has to be outside of that window to be mentioned/rewarded at all. The bot will get the data, but will ignore it, as the person has already been thanked for retweeting.


ok. I’ve only ever seen it reward one person when I know there has been many retweets and only once while I’m streaming and I have multiple retweets in that too. I’ll see what happens tomorrow

has anyone else seen more than one person get a retweet reward? or is it only me and @IllusionaryOne that is using this feature?



Note too that this is the way that Twitter returns Retweets:

  1. It returns the last 20 of the most recent Tweets that you have.
  2. It then will scan for Retweets past the most recent Tweet that was last pulled - it does not go back in time - Twitter only moves forward with SinceID.

So, lets say that you have the following Tweets

Tweet 1
Tweet 2
Tweet 3

If Tweet 1 is retweeted, then that becomes the last pulled. If Tweet 2 or Tweet 3 are retweeted, they are not going to be returned by the Twitter API. This could be what you are hitting. Also, after the poll (every 5 minutes) Tweet 1 becomes the “SinceID” meaning all Tweets after it are reviewed.


ok I’ll bare that in mind and try and get plenty of retweets tomorrow and make sure they’re from people that have registered their twitter names. I will encourage people to register theirs tomorrow.


Welcome! I will see if we can tweak anything further too on our end, I am just kind of stuck between the Twitter API and [insane] Twitter API rules.


Any idea when this will go into the live build? And what would be the best thing to poll user/hometimeline/retweets?


We do not have any ETA on the next stable release. I would hope soon, but everyone in the team has been super busy for the past week, so it’s a bit hard to handle a release in all of that. :slight_smile:


Like Scania said, not sure on the ETA. There are also some interesting artifacts with the retweet rewards that need to be clearly documented and presented so that folks do not get upset if they are not rewarded.

That aside, most folks I know go with just the User Timeline, that pulls everything that you Tweet out. If you want more, select what you want. Keep in mind that pulling the Home Timeline pulls in your Tweets, retweets that folks make and anywhere you are mentioned - and will display the most recent item, and only one item. It really comes down to how much you want in your chat and how often as you can also configure how often to pull Twitter within their API limits.

retweettest justalixe justalixe
[08-17-2017 @ 22:17:01.512 BST] >> Sending retweet test event
[08-17-2017 @ 22:17:01.513 BST] [ERROR] [onEvent()] Failed to dispatch event tv.phantombot.event.twitter.TwitterRetweetEvent


This is no longer registered in init.js, which it should be. Not sure how it got deleted, probably another merge on top of the addition of the event.

retweettest illusionaryone
[08-17-2017 @ 16:17:33.100 MDT] >> Sending retweet test event
[08-17-2017 @ 16:17:33.119 MDT] [CHAT] Retweets from illusionaryone! Reward of 100 coins given!

Will be in the next Nightly and Stable.