Two Suggestions for the WebPanel



In front, sorry if my English sucks. Im a German.

I have 2 things about the Modules that bother me, wich could be so much easier.

Frist of, the activation and deactivation. It would be so much better do give us a button directly at the Tab in wich the module gets used to switch it on and off. Instead we have to look what the tab needs to get enabled (on most more then 1 we need to remember) and then switching back up and search them in that list. I ended up jumping up and down from the tabs because i forgot what the modules name was. (Yeah, im a idiot.)

Secondly the fact that you cant enable or disable modules in the dashboard when you turn off the module commands. It took me hours to figure out. A note that this needs to be turned on would help a lot for idiots like me. Or simply don’t make it depend on it… i don’t know.

And last but not least: Huge thanks for this awesome bot. I looked into a ton of bots and not even the ones you pay fore are even close to the awesomeness of the PhantomBot. I still can’t believe it’s free.
To be honest, at first i really thought this would be a hoax or similar… xD

Thanks for your time reading this.