Useless tags: (formattedamount) and (currencysymbol)

  1. (formattedamount) tag mentioned in
    is not working for StreamElements donations

  2. (currencysymbol) tag mentioned in
    ./handlers/handlers-streamElementsHandler.js and
    is not working for StreamElements and TipeeeStream


Useless tags or tags not working as expected? If useless, we can just remove them.


Yes, better to remove them, their presence in the above-stated lang files is confusing.


I would rather rip out everything that is not consistent across the different API endpoints to have one consistent set of tags. This means that if (currencysymbol) should go for one, it should go for all, even for the one that supports it. Then we can just move to one message for everything and make it easier.

So, to me this is a request for consistency and to get at one common set of tags based on what the APIs provide.


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