User Panel with user name, online status, and photo



i wonder will be possible in future we have user panel ?
Or at least we can put our names and photo ?
Also will be awesome if you guys make update messages to came to our panels in top right section.
I love to see that in beta-panel. Will be awesome if we had same.

Kind Regards


Since the panel is single user only, and always will be, there’s no real point of adding the picture, I feel like it will just be misleading. An update notice is coming in our next panel release!


At the moment I have already 10 bots on three servers, and I have 11 control panels open (taking into account my local bot). I often get confused which bot is which, and run commands in the wrong chat rooms, or do other erroneous actions. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has such a special problem. Therefore, the presence of the channel avatar in the corner of each control panel is highly welcome.


We’ll take it under consideration. But as it is a special use case, it’s not currently our highest priority so we can’t promise anything.