User Specific Values... kinda like points


Hi! I’m pretty new to Phantombot but I’m trying to start making my own scripts. What I’m trying to do is make a user specific value kinda like the points, that can be modified through other commands but without gain or anything like that. I’ve been looking at the point script for a while but I can’t seem to understand what I should use from it and what I shouldn’t. If you guys could give me a hint on how I could make this work, it would be amazing. Thanks and have a great day!


So you’re going to want to use $.inidb to handle accessing the database.

Here’s documentation on that:

If you could explain what’s confusing you, I’d be happy to help more. (I.E: do you not understand how to set a value, get it, or what exactly)


Thanks Usernames. I’ll look into the documentation and I’ll let you know if I don’t manage to do something. What I’m basicly trying to do is add another propriety to the viewer, a variable that can be easily modified within another command and I want it to be used within other commands aswell. But I’m sure I’ll knoe how to do this after reading the documentation. Thanks again!