(useronly=) for Keywords


As you know, the bot has a number of undocumented features. For example, you can use many more tags for Keywords than just (keywordcount). A tag (playsound) works for Keywords too. Also, (useronly=) works with Keywords, but there is a small problem with it. PhantomBot gives a response about the impossibility of access for unassigned users, as it should be:
Only userName has access to that command!
But the bot also responds: null. My request is to remove that 2nd null responce.
Again, I realize that officially the bot does not support the tag (useronly=) for Keywords, but nevertheless it works. If the exception of the null message does not require a lot of work, please do.


I do not know why this thread was moved from the Feature Requests to the Custom Modules section, since this post is no longer relevant and I flagged it for deletion. This thread has nothing to do with Custom Modules, tbh.


Just as Twitch says constantly - only documented features are supported (like the TMI API). If it is not documented, there is a good chance it is not supported. While it may flow through similar code, some of the tags will not work due to keyword vs IRC events.

As you said, this is not documented, therefore, not supported. I suppose a patch could be to change the tags() handler to take a parameter of ‘event’ or ‘keyword’ and fully disable certain tags.


The flag feature can be a bit weird here, on my end it looked like you were saying to move this to custom modules. Sorry about that.