(useronly) playing sounds for anyone



PhantomBot Version: (Revision: 60fd67d6)
Control Panel Version 1.1
Java Version: 1.8.0_131-8u131-b11-0ubuntu1.16.10.2-b11
OS Version: Linux
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Chrome 65.0.3325.181
Stock PhantomBot: quoteSystem.js modified to exclude view ranks
Any Recent Changes to Your System: No

Description of Issue: I have several commands set with subscriber permissions, plus the (useronly) tag. Several of these commands also have gif alerts tied into them. One of my moderators (not Frici) used the below command.

Frici is the stream's external memory. He remembers things so we don't have to. Keyboarding Intensifies! (alert keyboard.gif) (useronly=frici) (adminonlyedit)

The bot did not print the text to chat, but the sound effect was still playing. I tested this again later, and confirmed that this was the case. (I did also try swapping the order of the variables to put the (useronly) first, this made no difference.


Can you answer me something? Do you start the bot before anything else? Meaning, before OBS or any other streaming software?


Bot is running full time on a VPS, sounds play through browser source on OBS itself.


I had issues with a useronly command using sound and was told it’s meant for text replies only. When I changed those commands to viewer permission from sub they became set as default commands I couldn’t edit.
I don’t know if after the change it works with sounds as I test it because I didn’t want to go through the process of removing the command again if it didn’t.


(gameonly=) and (useronly=) both seem to interfere with (alert) or (playsound)

New Edit

Fixed it Here


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