Using Warp.World with Phantombot


I am trying to setup the api commands in my phantom bot and am having no luck doing so i tried messing with the api options with no luck. didnt know if anyone else had any luck using phantombot with Phantombot doesn’t appear to have a way to do custom API calls. I suggest setting up the Warp Bot instead for now and then if phantombot ever gets customAPI support it will be easy enough to add later. i have these 2 customapi options with it do they not work? (customapijson URL key | {literal string} …) - Call a remote URL that returns JSON. key or object.key or object.object.key to access JSON data. Would be what you want, but you need to make sure it allows for setting $VIEWER and the message the users have. Do they have any other documentation on the command?


The Custom API and Custom API JSON support in PhantomBot for Custom Commands is provided for simple interactions with services. Folks have been able to get a good number of services working with it, but it depends upon the interface.

Can you provide some examples of “” and documentation for their API? Also, some examples of what you are trying to do would be very helpful.


First things first, stop linking weird sketchy blogs in every post you make. Assuming you actually are trying to use PhantomBot and not make a quick buck off ads and want to avoid your account being locked.

Secondly, go to this page and search for “custom api” (what IO has mentioned), or you can add a custom implementation for a service (like we have for a few) in the Java core.