Viewers GIFS to OBS


Hello :slight_smile:
So recently I saw a streamer girl that had her bot set up with this feature…
If you send a GIF link to bot via Whisper, it will show on screen (source for obs I think) for duration of ± 5 sec

Do you know how is it possible?
I thought like maybe bot would download this GIF file to alert folder and then diplay but I have no clue…

I think it would be amazing


It’s only a matter of time before someone sends a porn GIF and the caster gets banned. This thing needs to be moderated.


Dashboard window or Mod approval


You can get the “Rating” from the Giphy API so only PEG13 Gifs are allowed for example. You have to write a custom script, that accepts a url, parse it to the api to check, and than parse it to the Website, that can be shown through JS, CSS in OBS


Could use the existing alert system and pass the gif through after checking the API.

How the bot is designed a moderator wouldn’t be able to access the control panel as it’s intended for only one user to be in it at a time.

Looking into the code for the alert system you can’t use (alert) because it appends the filepath of the local file-system thus breaking any url given. You’d have to do some modifications.