Webinterface not working



PhantomBot Version: 4.2.1
OS Version: Debian 9
Java Version: OpenJDK 8
Browser: Google Chrome 66.0.3359.170

I’ve been using the bot for well over 4 months now and so far the web interface has always worked well. Only now for a good two weeks I will show nothing more in the web interface but in Twitch Chat it works wonderfully

I have the german translation of web interface. There are no Bot Error Logs!

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Hey there!

Could you please first try and get it to work without it being modified? As we did not make the german translation (it was made by a 3rd party), we are unable to verify whether the problem is caused by us or by the german translation. That’d probably be a good first step to troubleshoot.

Oh, and restarting the bot sometimes also fixes things, so you could try that too :slight_smile:



Even without the change, it does not work…

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That’s too bad! Could you please upload a screenshot of what happens when you try to load the panel in your browser?



I believe that the web interface can not control the API … Is now only my guess

PS: The link is my screenshot server :slight_smile:


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I see that you’re probably running the bot on a server, can you make sure that you opened the following port range?

25000-25004 - these are all important.



Now it’s funny. Why was not it under port 10010?

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I found the problem myself! Through the Apache2 ProxyPass the web interface does not work anymore!


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