WebM Support for Alert Panel (Tested on


Added support for WebM alert Support for PhantomBot version (Other video formats could be supported too if tag added in script)

This script replaces alertHandler.js in …\web\alerts\js (Make sure you backup the orignal alertHandler.js before applying this)

There already has been talks about working in the new panel. In the short term, this custom build will work. Place the WebM files in the same location as the gifs (…\web\alerts\data). Since WebM supports sound, the script will not play a MP3 with the same name like it does for the GIFs.

If you need this, you can use FFMPEG https://www.ffmpeg.org/ to combine the MP3 with the WebM. (Same could be done with combining GIF with MP3)

Convert MP3 to WebM ( ffmpeg -i filename.mp3 mp3filename.webm )
Copy WebM to WebM ( ffmpeg -i orignalWebmFile.webm -i mp3filename.webm -c copy copiedWebm.webm )

alertHandler.js (3.8 KB)