Wellness Feature & Then Some


This came to me after using Stay_Hydrated_Bot. But I am adapting this idea to more of a practical use, at least I hope so with all your help.
What I would like to see is the following.


  • H2O Reminder/Tracker
    Meaning, the bot will reminder the caster to drink X amounts of water per X amount of time every X hour or more. Mods/Caster will have to input amount drank or if drank. If nothing is drank, the bot can spout off more warnings ect. So the bot would also have to track amounts taken during sessions. Would be nice to have is a record ALL time & most drank during one session.

  • Stretch Reminder/Tracker
    Basically what it says. Every X amount of hours, and I would stress that this have a minimum of 2hrs, the bot will remind the caster to stand up & stretch. Again, this needs input in the chat from the caster/mods.

  • Healthy Snack Reminder/Tracker
    Reminds caster to eat a Healthy snack every X amount of hours, again like above this must have a 2hr min. And if the caster/mod input a no into chat, the bot will remind more with options to eat ect.

  • Sleep Reminder/Tracker
    Bot will remind caster after a minimum of 6 hours, adjustable timer, to get some rest/sleep. Could keep track of hours if input into chat by caster/mods. Again can stress to caster after X hours that sleep is required ect.

  • Mental Well-being
    Bot will say something positive to the caster every 2 hours+. Even if it’s just the bot telling me I’m doing a good job, I would be reminded of that fact.

I’m hoping the humor will continue with this feature as well. I would personally help write any of the lang files that are needed. I’m also looking for more votes on this yes, but more ideas as well. This feature can be expanded on more, I just know it.

Wellness System & Then Some (custom script)

I like this.


Would this basically a timed notification system ?
Would be nice if they’re customizable as there’s been a few times I’d have liked a specific notification on a timer instead of in the notification list following the rules there


Yes, it would be customizable timer’s, as much as Twitch will allow.


this is slowly being worked on by myself and @Khryztoepher hope to have it done before Christmas :slight_smile:


system now up and running