What are your thoughts on PhantomBot?


PhantomBot has been growing rapidly over the past three years. This is all thanks to you guys, the awesome community who uses PhantomBot for streams. That being said, we want to know what are your honest opinions on PhantomBot, good or bad, and also what you want for PhantomBot feature wise in the future. Let us know below this post! Please don’t forget to vote on the poll.

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  • More Twitch Features
  • More Discord Features
  • More Optimization

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I voted ‘more optimization’, however, what I’d really like to see is the bot being more user friendly.

As it stands the dashboard seems to confuse people with how all the modules are in place and, well, we all know it’s pretty cluttered too. I know it’s been brought up in the past but I’m just mentioning it here.

One idea is that on top of having a central section to enable/disable modules, I think it’d be better if you could enable a module directly from the tab where it’s used. I.E: clicking on the “Keywords” when disabled now gives a prompt like ./handlers/keywordHandler.js is disabled. Click here to enable it

Another idea is to split the modules into 3 categories, and along with it somehow make the web panel represent that. Right now, there’s a lot of modules that are being converted over to work with discord along side twitch. While this is great, most of the twitch settings get ignored and people have to recreate them. With that, I believe there should be “Twitch modules”, “Discord modules”, and “Universal modules”.

Twitch Modules: Ones that work specifically on twitch. The settings and data is unique to the twitch chat, and editing these won’t change anything with Discord Modules.

Discord Modules: The same as Twitch Modules, just for discord and not twitch.

Universal Modules: Modules that work on both twitch and discord. With toggles within them to enable/disable twitch or discord interaction (so you can have both, one, the other, or neither enabled).

Modules that use points are generally good examples of ones that should be universal. For instance, the !slot command module. The payouts should be the same, along with the win/loss messages. The only thing that should differ (imo) is the emotes because they use different systems.

Anyways, those are just a couple of ideas. Keep up the amazing work.


Personally i think its the best bot there is. The only downside i can think of is the updates. When an update is required you should backup the phantombot database and your login file. But when you have custom audiohooks, webalerts and customtext files they need to be done also. I made a PowerShell for it but it should be more easier.


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I am still pretty new to Phantombot, after using Nightbot and Ankbot I do struggle to get a hang of it. I spent and spend so many hours in searching for help topics here in the forum or elswere it is insane. There are a lot of features phantombot has, there is a community and a forum archive. Unfortunately you really have to dig into it and go search and pick the infos you need for your case. A lot of features on phantombot I cant even use, because I did not find a useful explanation for it or a how to set them up correctly (or a description what they really do). With the move of the board to archive, I cant even access those topics anymore it just leads me to error pages (adjusting the links to archive… does not help).

I frankly try searching first and then open a topic. It is kinda embarrassing to say that I spend yesterday, this afternoon and just now some time to find out how the Host/Raid commands are working since they did not work as I expected when I tried to use them. I could not find a board topic for it (all links from google are broken, the search field here leads me to how to host phantombot on a server and such). I feel pretty stupid right now because I know there are topics around adressing this. I even searched youtube, whenever I do not understand a description or a how to, I go watch youtube videos on how to do it. There are unfortunately not a lot / not a lot about the topics I search(ed) for. Those vids help especially non tech people like me to understand what to do.

For the use in a stream, the control panel of phantombot is crowded. Whenever I need to use a feature I spend time searching through half of the features. It would be kinda really cool if you could mark the features you mostly use… or make a control panel layout where you could put the things you need the most. The most useful feature of ankboth was for me, to see immediately who is viewing (viewerlist). I do not call out people but I can still kinda react to them indirectly. I know the twitch chat is broken and it does not show the correct viewers, but so does the phantombot atm. Ankbot had there a real plus, since I saw at every time who was there and they probably used the same info forwarded from twitch? (I am a no tech so excuse me on my strange descriptions).


I want to say the most awesome features of phantombot is…

  1. Open-source, example if I want to edit the phantombot UI of its Web page make it my own.

  2. Cross OS if I were to change to Linux it’s as simple as an file transfer.

  3. Add-ons such as games or make you’re own

  4. Devs on forums are very helpful if you need help.

My cons though only one big one is it can be tricky phantombot is more advanced than ankbot or nightbot. I too find myself asking forums for help on some stuff.

The feature I personally would to be added but as a side program for phantombot. A way to customize the UI page without having to script inside the html. I mean wouldn’t it be cool to customize colors add a backround heck put youre bot name on top left corner. Maybe an software version of phantombot for the bot for people who are less advanced like what ankbot has. But also keeping the old style for advanced people.

I will never switch bots because I love phantombot. I truly love how open-source it is.


I’m a massive fan of PhantomBot, been using it now for a long time.
It’s running on a channel with anywhere between 100 and 400 viewers, on Amazon Web Services with the database on it’s own MySQL instance and then the bot on separate linux instance for scalability reasons and the fact i run a custom leaderboard off the DB, so wanted to ensure it scaled well. Also means i can have two micro servers(which cost barely anything), rather than one medium server which i did before which is more expensive.

My biggest issue with PhantomBot, if i was to be really honest, the whole web panel and customization of the bot is pretty bad. Really sorry guys, the rest of the bot is amazing, but the webpanel leaves much to be desired.

I know someone built a custom webpanel which looks good, I haven’t implemented it though, as I firmly believe you should provide a suitable webpanel and i shouldn’t have to go hunting for a random one.


These are thoughts(I guess maybe a bit of childish complains) from an amateur twitch user and amateur programmer, and definitely still an amateur in PhantomBot itself

  1. Website is really cluttered. Takes some time to get used to. (Already said frequently.)
  2. Love the fact that it is open-sourced which means we can change anything we want to suit our needs. However on that perspective, it seems that the current developers’ standpoint is to look through existing scripts to “find” possible functions to use.
    E.g. Unlike in javascript where Integer.parseInt() is a thing, in PhantomBot, it’s just parseInt. Like the developer said, it’s in the scripts. But from a user’s pov, just trying to parse a variable requires searching through codes of “Unknown”, which can be quite a turnoff for a majority of people who wishes to try things out. $.randRange won’t be known unless I screen the random.js game, $.IsMod() won’t be known until UsernamesSucks tell me; So to conclude, there is a really huge wall for people who wants to try doing their own stuff but is still thinking about stepping over that wall. Personally, if it wasn’t because I somehow managed to find the functions that I need, I would have definitely gave up trying it. After all, to wait for an answer till you can solve your programming issues easily makes me lost motivation.(For me at least.)
  3. Documentations of API and inidb stuff are satisfactory, gives ample information on how to use the functions and what’s left is for us to experiment it.
  4. Community is really helpful, but the time delay on getting answers from issues is also another possible turnoff point. Like how do you convert String to Int? Next Day… Finally… Lost the ‘feel’.
  5. New scripts are easy to add.(Completed ones that is) Just throw them in the script folder. Yeah Baby.
  6. logs in the folders also prove to useful during debugging.(Also, where does $.consoleDebug outputs its comments?)
  7. fileSystem based functions, can be found within fileSystem.js with the export $ tag, are really useful and one of the more easier functions to scan for.
  8. From open-source view towards the directory layout, the folders are spread in a really easy to understand way.

PS: Realize that I am not commenting on PhantomBot itself but the whole thing of it.

Do also correct me if I miss out something and thought that the developers left out.
For me, one reason I chose PhantomBot is because of its flexibility of making new scripts so I am quite critical on the ability to find basic/standard functions to use. Without doubt, I am lazy in that sense which is why I am appealing for a compiled list of usable functions.(or even frequently used functions). SetInterval and SetTimeout might be in the grey area due to them being within Javascript itself, but for PhantomBot, I believe it can be quite a critical function depending on the script.

Just my 2-cent pov.
Yep, I guess that’s it for my rant cum complain cum review cum feelings cum all sorts of other things.
Though I said those negatives stuff, I really thanked you for making PhantomBot as it really suits me for my use!


To touch base on some of your points:

#2: One of the issues is, the bot doesn’t use “pure” javascript. It uses a rhino engine (A java library) to read/parse everything. So a lot of functions had to be created/exported to work right. An example of this is if you try to use String.replace, the engine will throw an error. But if you use $.replace it should work.

#2/#3 They have been trying to document everything as well as possible. But between having lives outside of phantombot, the website update, and updating the bot, sometimes documentation gets ‘forgotten’ about.

#4 For “faster” help check out the discord. Note that “top level support” isn’t provided on there, it’s mostly for quick fixes and the like. Remember that the community is mostly made up of other users, and community helpers (like myself) are simply just other users that have dedicated an extra portion of our time to helping out on the forums where we can.

#6 To make use of &.consoleDebug, one must first enable debugging by typing debugon into the bot’s console. You can type debugoff to disable.


Yeah I do understand #1-3.
But it’s just something that I believe that can make PhantomBot more usable.
I am already happy that PhantomBot is editable, but from a scripting/programming pov, I would want to have a “database” of information available to refer to. (As in something to improve on, though my words might not have sounded that way.)

#4 was something I just rmb reading somewhere. (But I would prefer being able to try out something first, before asking around. Very personal preference of course; I also prefer to ask questions on “why doesn’t something work” over “what can I use to do this?”)

And thanks for #6!

Hope you can understand where I am coming from.