What happened to the Project Lagertha custom script?


I was really looking forward to using that mobile-friendly UI and I haven’t seen any mention of it ever since the forums got changed over.


Their github has not been touched since around the time that the forums were changed over. So, unsure as to what happened.


I think the user might’ve took a break. I haven’t seen him on our Discord server in a few months now. The old forum is now down too, so the github page will have to be used.


Hi there!

As Scania said, I did indeed take a break from this project. There was a lot going on for me with work, founding my own company and getting my degree in order, so yeah… This had to wait sadly.
The Github repo has been lagging behind but I updated the repo a few weeks ago to the newest version of PhantomBot so it’s possible to once again use it if one wants to! If you find any issues let me know and I will try to fix them, as well as if you have any feature requests. :slight_smile:

I will commit a few hours/a week to this project again now that have time, but if you think that you could help out let me know. The more the merrier right? :wink:

Kind regards,