Whisper on follow/host


I have had a quest from a client that wants to get a whisper from her bot everytime someone whispers / hosts / etc. She’s a DJ and gets tuned in when she’s DJ’ing and is a smaller channel, for now, so its not a big deal. Any suggestions?



Does she need the bot to also be posting this live in chat. If not, I would suggest altering the relevant lang files to start with /w channelname, which will cause those messages to be sent to her instead of chat.

If she needs two messages, you’d need to write a small custom script to generate the second message, or alter the host handler. If that’s the case, it’s beyond my capabilities to help with I’m afraid.

If she needs to see when someone is whispering her, then I would recommend her using Chatty, or something similar. The bot can’t see whispers sent to the caster account.


if you have discord you can stup channel for this


Twitch only allows users to send so many whispers a day, I think for normal users it’s 160 a day. So hitting that limit is easy. The only way to add it would be to code it yourself.


Also note, if you do code that function yourself, and your bot gets muted or banned by Twitch as a result, then may our lord and saviour Bezos have mercy on your soul.


I got it figured out. I was overthinking it, I just changed the message in the bot window to add the “/w (username)” and it works like a charm. Mostly this functionality is to make it so when she’s DJ’ing and isn’t able to really look at chat she doesn’t miss any bits / donations / and for now follows.

Thanks everybody.


Just FYI about limits:


I know you got it working, but I’m just throwing this out to you.
As a streamer, when you cant be looking at chat all the time there is a number of ways to keep up with the going on’s in chat.

  • Discord - You can add announcements to a discord chan. Ex. Bot Announcements. You can tell the bot to post in discord for just about everything that goes on in a chat.

  • StreamLabs - If you use SL, most streamers will also use StreamLabels. It’s a widget for your dashboard plus many other features.

I hope these can help you as well. Enjoy!