Windows server


PhantomBot Version: 2.4.1
OS Version:windows 10 64 bit extreme
Java Version:i cant remember i downloaded it today, so recent?
Browser and Version (for Panel Support):chrome
Stock PhantomBot: Yes

Let us know what help you need:
is there a way, or a tutoral for installing this, on a windows machine but in a server so my friends who also stream on the channel can access it, and use the bot, or am i the only person who can access it? if i have to buy a server i will but im trying to save money


PhantomBot is only designed to be in one channel, and the control panel is only designed to be accessed by a single person at a time. It sounds like you have multiple streamers under the same twitch account, that stream at different times which would work fine.

While it is possible for you to open ports, and give your friends your IP address so they can access the bot and panel. This it is a security risk, has various issues and we really do not provide support for scenarios like this.

The best solution here would be to get a Linux vps for roughly 5 dollars a month (depends on the specifications you need due to channel size). While you could use a host that provides Windows Server (such as Azure), the pricing will be quite a bit higher. This will give you a static IP address, alleviate the issues and security concerns, and in general make hosting the bot easier. See our guides for vps hosting here, and our guides for Linux operating systems here.


allright i will check those out, thanks for the info and for it real quick <3


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