Wordpress / PHP Generated Pages



It already exists. look at the repo.


The formatting of that function is kind of bad as it will always show all of them even if its 0 where mine only shows what is above 0 and as soon as you hit 30 days it doesnt show months instead


Well I’d appreciate if you opened an issue or pr rather than hijack the thread.
How would a user be in the DB with 0 seconds? Also showing months instead of days is opinionated. I don’t have this by design.


Love the work going into this. Just stumped trying to pull the information from the database on one vps server to my seperate web hosting server. But hopefully at some point i will get it figured out. I am new to programming so sorry if I sound too newbie.


Apperciate the support.
I have a series of tutorial video for phantombot im making, one of them about using this repo.

I don’t really have time to help with programming specific problems, where you could use google, but if you post any specific issue or join my Discord i can try to help you as much as i can.
The scrips could handle pulling any information from your bot though. you just need to configure the uri to your VPS and add in your auth key.
Let me know if anything in the readme is unclear.


Excellent info here! Managed to cobble info with this tactic into PHP single page app, just a page, outside of wordpress.

If anyone’s interested here’s how it looks: QuestionableOle Channel Stats