Youtube capability?


Is it capable to use this on youtube at all? Ive seen
older posts on it, but im not sure if theirs anything
ready or near ready that ive missed? im tired of
a broken fussbot. I need something better.



thats not what im looking for. i want to use it ON YOUTUBE
the coin function an all else. but thanks


That sounds like you mean just playing a playlist on YouTube directly? In that case, just open YouTube…


sighs no. i want to use this bot, on youtube. instead of
on twitch. i dont need music, im looking for all the other
bot features. its not currently available from what im seeing
i was looking to see if their was any updates perhaps when
this would be usable on youtube.


It appears you’re asking for Youtube Gaming support? Your post is not quite clear, as indicated by the replies you’ve gotten so far.

We have zero plans to support any service other than Twitch for the foreseeable future.