Youtube player pause button when ingame


Soo. A streamer asked me : " why cant i pause the youtube player when iam ingame. I need to Alt-tab everytime to do so. "

so my question: Is it possible to make the youtube player listen to a key so it can pause and play when pressed? While in a game?



Hey there!

Sadly, we can’t do anything about that. To make keybinds, we’d have to make a feature that ONLY works for people who locally host the bot. And we prefer being all-inclusive with the features we have. We COULD make keybinds for the panel, but they only work if the browser is active. That’s a limitation we can’t get around.


Okay. Thanks for your reply.


Extra information:

If said streamer has a streamdeck, they could use this to do what they want:


Couldn’t we just allow a API-Endpoint for Play/Pause, that can be called by a software and hotkey? like localhost:25000/ytplayer/play?authtoken=token&toggle=true

I was trying to work on Spotify Integration with the new Web-API from Spotify - to make Song-Requests easier and so I can skip / play / pause etc. But didn’t had time to make this in Java/JS. Only tried that privat for an iOS App in Swift, to see if it’s easy to use.


maybe this should work for you

you can use hotkeys for play pause nexttrack etc


On top of what MackKnife said, there is an API already available which is what my StreamDeck application uses. You send the command you want to run, in this case, !ytp pause

Regarding hot-key, the bot does not run locally for everyone. So it would have to be an external application (like MackKnife seems to mention, although I did not read the entire article) and run on all operating systems that we support.