Youtube Player will not play music if used on remote machine or IP Address


Greetings everyone, i have the same issue of the post Youtube videos unavailable externally
The YT songs that are in the playlist give the message “Video not avaiable” if the IP address is used when using the Phantombot control panel, but they work fine if the localhost address is used (http://localhost:25000/panel).
I use Phantombot on a remote machine, so this is an issue when using the song request. I used it in the past, and i don’t remember having this issue. I tried to delete and/or drop the playlist tables and clean the YT cache, but the problem persist.
Even tried on different browser but the problem is still the same.
Works flawlessy with the address localhost, gives problem with the IP address (even on the same machine).

Every help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


I host PhantomBot on a remote VPS but do run the web browser locally and typically do not have the same “video not available” issues some folks have. If you want to provide a few samples, I can query the YouTube API directly and see if there is anything that indicates why they would have an error. Unfortunately, in the end, we are at the mercy of the YouTube API and Embedded Player and are not able (or willing) to try to circumvent their controls.


Thanks for the answer @IllusionaryOne .
I think i just found a solution for my problem. I tried to use the server name instead of the IP address for the control panel and the YTP panel and it seems that it’s working without any problem. I honestly don’t know what’s the problem in using the IP address, however i’m glad that this workaround works just fine.

Thanks again for the answer :slight_smile:


Sorry it was causing fits, and very glad you found a way to get it to work. I really do not know the problem with an IP either as I used to use one. I can see if I can try that out at some point and find anything.



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