Youtube Player won't load


PhantomBot Version: 2.4.1
OS Version: Linux 3.12.0-6-amd64
Java Version: 1.8.0_171-b11
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Opera 54.0.2952.64 and Chrome (dont know what version)
Stock PhantomBot: Yes. The only things i modified are the stylesheets and the web/playlist/index.html & web/index.html pages as well as a few lang files. None of that should have any impact.

The youtube player won’t load. I had this issue on both instances of the bot i am running (on 2 different ports ofc; hosting one for me and one for a friend) and restarting the bot or using !skipsong occasionally fixed it temporarily.

This is the console debug output when i try to open the player:

[08-06-2018 @ 17:03:12.121 GMT] [DEBUG] [onEvent()] Dispatched event YTPlayerRequestPlaylistEvent
[08-06-2018 @ 17:03:12.121 GMT] [DEBUG] [onEvent()] Dispatched event YTPlayerRequestSonglistEvent
[08-06-2018 @ 17:03:12.121 GMT] [DEBUG] [onEvent()] Dispatched event YTPlayerStateEvent

I cant reproduce this error (nor do i remember the exact output) but in the cases where skipping a song fixed it the function getOwner returned null apparently.

Ive already tried clearing the database tables but that didnt do anything either. Any ideas what else could cause this issue. i am running out of ideas.

Thanks in advance c:



Thanks for linking this page, but ive seen that shortly after opening this thread.
Unfortunately setting amy own API Key did not fix the problem.
Do you have any idea how i can find out more about the problem. Like a debug of the ytplayer exclusively?


So… Any ideas?


This might be a caching error. Download the latest nightly build, and use the !ytp clearcache command in your channel and restart the bot. You might also want to switch to another playlist if this persists.


Hmm… Thanks. I’ll try that.
Though, How would i switch playlist if i cant open the player? (Also it was the default playlist since i’ve cleared that database for the youtube player)

Edit: Unfortunately this did not fix it :confused: Is there any way for getting an increased debug level?


Could you try a fresh install of PhantomBot? This shouldn’t happen unless something is really messed up.


This is the message everytime I do a song request Eben after I start the YouTube player:

[08-23-2018 @ 15:19:13.818 GMT] sargentpickle: @SargentPickle, The YouTube Player is currently not being used, and song requests are disabled!
[08-23-2018 @ 15:19:14.864 GMT] [ERROR] [youtubePlayer.js:767] YoutubeVideo::exception: No data returned.
[08-23-2018 @ 15:19:14.866 GMT] [CHAT] @SargentPickle, Failed adding song to queue: YouTube error (No data returned.)


Try adding a youtube key to your bot:


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