Youtube Viewer loading indefinitely (and not starting)



Hello everyone,

This is a phantombot-2.4.1 (latest stable) installation of which the panel works fine, but the youtube viewer just loads indefinitely when I try to load it.

When manually starting in a terminal it will give the ‘[♫] YouTube Player is connected! [♫]’ message, but nothing will happen in the browser itself.

Any idea what could be going on?

EDIT: Same thing when starting ytviewer from the panel, and it will give a disconnect message as well in the terminal when closing the ‘eternally loading’ ytviewer.

EDIT2: Same thing is happening in both firefox and qutebrowser.


Try !ytp clearcache




There’s an issue with the YouTube API key in the current build. The only way is to download the nightly or get your own API key.


I got a Youtube API key and that indeed did the trick. It’s working now.

Thanks a lot!


how you add your own yt api key?
i have the following on my .txt


which is what ?


Neither, follow the documentation here. Remember to search the documentation before posting, thank you.


well i did that and player did not work. i get in console the following

[09-18-2018 @ 21:32:27.167 GMT] [ERROR] [sendHTMLErrorNoHeader()] HTTP Server: sendHTMLError(500): Broken pipe
[09-18-2018 @ 21:32:27.170 GMT] [ERROR] [sendData()] HTTP Server: sendData(): Broken pipe
[09-18-2018 @ 21:32:34.846 GMT] [ERROR] [handleFile()] HTTP Server: handleFile(): ./web/beta-panel/pages/undefined/ytplayer (No such file or directory)
[09-18-2018 @ 21:32:35.184 GMT] [♫] YouTube Player is connected! [♫]


This is usually indicative of a network issue. Further support requires you to make your own support request.


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