Thanks for the constructive feedback.

I will ask the user to do so, too much to admin otherwise. The call is made at a one minute interval atm. The call is made at a one minute interval atm… Sigh… Yes Why I don’t want to wait for you to deliver an endpoint that I can use is because I believe that will take some time… I wanted to create something that I myself have control over in the mean time, but if you could make this available then that would be great and I would def. move over to using that. As for latest sub, I just utilise localstorage, and the GameWisp-connection can (and might be) delivered from my own setup if I don’t figure out a way to find this in PB.

I am not trying to redesign the wheel, I just want to create something nice and the better integrated with PB it can be the better for all of us. I did reach out to some of you earlier about joining forces but I didn’t really find any interest in that and therefore I haven’t asked about maybe creating endpoints like these in PB.

I hope I didn’t sound rude, reading through my post I feel like it might be taken that way, but fear not, I like you all!