Automatic SQLite3 Backups

  • Bot Developer

    The next nightly build will provide support to both manually and automatically backup SQLite3 databases.

    Note that this only is implemented for SQLite3. There are no plans to include support for MySQL although IniStore may be supported in the future. MySQL will not be supported as it is up to the MySQL administrator of the PhantomBot database to handle backup and restore operations. There are various options for providing backup services for MySQL.

    To manually backup from the console: backupdb
    To manually backup from chat: !debug !dev !dbbackup

    To automatically backup SQLite3 database, configure the following in botlogin.txt:

    Required: backupsqliteauto=true
    Optional: backupsqlitehourfrequency=xx hours to wait between backups, 24 if not provided
    Optional: backupsqlitekeepdays=xx days to keep automatic backups, 5 if not provided

    If you are running the nightly and would like to test this functionality, please feel free to do so. The files will be stored in a dbbackup directory under your PhantomBot directory.

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