PhantomBot v2.3.5.3 Release Notes

  • Bot Developer

    PhantomBot v2.3.5.3

    In this version of PhantomBot, we address many issues that were introduced in our previous build, v2.3.5.2. We hope you enjoy this release, and as always please remember to report bugs on our community forum. Also be sure to follow us on Twitter, signing up to to our newsletter, as well as joining our Discord server for more news and updates regarding PhantomBot! ❤️


    • Added a command to cleanup messages in Discord channels. !moderation cleanup [channel] [amount].
    • Added an AnkhBot converter! Read more here!


    • Fixed TypeError for spam moderation.
    • Fixed command permissions for sub commands.
    • Fixed the Twitch url being broken on Twitter.
    • Fixed issue with command costs not deducting points if you added text after the command.
    • Auto Backups! Learn more by clicking here.
    • Fixed viewer count on the panel not pulling the number from Twitch.
    • Fixed points command not working after updating any settings on the points panel
    • Fixed the username being case sensitive on the points panel.


    • Greetings system will now only welcome users that have a message set to greet them. It will not greet every user.
    • Poll system will no longer say if your vote was registered.
    • Auction system will no longer say that your auction was registered.
    • Follower alert will now have a 5 second delay between announcing new followers.
    • Custom commands are now stored in memory for better performance.
    • Debug commands are now disabled by default. They will still work from the console though.


    • Removed bot username blacklist due to it affecting command performance.

    Download PhantomBot v2.3.5.3

  • @Zelakto said in PhantomBot v2.3.5.3 Release Notes:

    Poll system will no longer say if your vote was registered

    Just wanted clarification on this. Does this mean the confirmation message that is something like “You have voted for X on Y” will no longer be displayed? If so does this come with an enable/disable option?

  • Bot Developer

    @crunchprank Correct, and no there will not be any toggles unless Twitch changes their message limits.

  • @ScaniaTV Does the message limit apply to whispers, or just in a channel? It might be worth /w’ing people just so that they know their vote was registered, instead of spamming the channel.

  • Bot Developer

    @Invariel Whispers are not really limited per X message in 30 seconds, Twitch has a special system for them. Also, this has been mentioned by Twitch but whispers should not be used for bots. If too many whispers are sent you will be banned from whispers, and whisper banned are not like normal global bans of 30 minutes, to my knowledge they are either permanent or many months. All message limits are per connection and not channel.

  • @ScaniaTV Oh, fair enough. Better to avoid that sort of behaviour then.

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