Bot does not post most of follower alerts to chat

  • Hi,

    I have a weird problem with the bot.

    It seems that for some reason it only posts few follower alerts and then stops.
    Typically it would post alerts when the stream is offline and sometimes a couple at the beginning of the stream, but then it stops. I thought it might be problem on Twitch side, but the strange part is that the followers seem to register on the bot webpanel as “last folower”, so the bot knows about them, just does not post the message.

    Other messages are working fine tho. We got sub messages, notices, running some raffles last night, all good and bot responding 100%, just not the followers. There were couple at the beginning of the stream, them nothing for a long time and a couple messages towards the end.

    Logs attached.
    I was using a nightly from couple of weeks ago, to fix the donation alerts problem, then I tried newer nightly when I notice this problem but still having this issue with follower alerts.

    Currently using 66b7987, running on Arch Linux server

  • Bot Developer

    @Pete836 This is probably a thread issue, do you have a delay set for when someone follows? If so, try removing it see if it fixes the issue. I’ll do more testing on this and fix it for our next release if possible.

  • Hi,

    I only have the 5 second default delay there which cannot be lowered.

  • Bot Developer

    @Pete836 I may have found something last night when I was testing something else. Will look later today if I have time, also passed along what I saw to Scania.

  • Thanks both of you for the quick response.

  • Bot Developer

    Fixed in 0f0afb6

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