just some ideas :)

    1. The first idea is to impliment a feature called “Followers” where streamers can see “Who followed me” (ye for sure, they can see it on twitch too, but this is the core future:) “who UNFOLLOWED me?”? I think there is a good question, because the streamers got a statistik who unfollowed me and maybe they can improve himself by this stats!
    2. Many streamers use the restream.io tool, it is possible to change the streamingtitle/gametitle of more than one streamingsite, like youtube, like hitbox, like beam.pro, … restream.io have an own api, so i think it is possible.
    3. edit some messages for the user, like " [♫] Song requests are enabled! [♫]" are always in englisch, why not custom message? :)

    Leave a comment, what u think :)
    Im sorry for my bad englisch, cuz im german :D

    1. will be implemented in Project Lagertha in case you want to give that a try. :)
    2. that is a good idea… shouldn’t be too much of a hassle?
    3. it’s possible to change those in the lang-folder ^^

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    These are the issues I see with some of your requests.

    1. This would require pulling all of your current followers from Twitch’s API, you can only pull 100 followers every 1 second. For small channels this isn’t really an issue, but if you have a fairly large channel with over 100,000 followers, if you do that math, it will take a long time to pull all of those followers, and your CPU will be doing a lot of work that entire time. Another thing, it cannot be done once, since we would need to compare the stored followers with the ones from the API to see who unfollowed the channel.

    2. As of right now we will only be supporting Twitch with PhantomBot, since Twitch handles messages completely different from any of the other streaming sites. Just having a feature to change the title and game feels a bit pointless in my opinion.

    3. This can be done from the lang files as mentioned by @Mindful-Design. More information about the lang files can be found here: https://docs.phantombot.tv/kb/how-to-modify-language-files and around the forum.


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    @Necromant If you are curious about the statistics of your channel, this is a great resource for that:


    You can view daily changes in follower counts and views as well as graphs that go back years. Good stuff, and doesn’t have to drill down to individuals that follow/leave.

  • Well thanks buddys.

    It help me.

  • BTW @Necromant there is a translation available from English to German if you want that, it’s in one of the other forum categories.

  • @ScaniaTV I thought he meant the number of unfollows, not the specific user. The first part is easily done, the other not so much and wouldn’t really give anything usable to the streamer. It’s not like you can reach out to who unfollowed you and ask why as I think that would come up as rude? :)

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    @Mindful-Design I read as “who unfollowed me” meaning who exactly unfollowed me. Rather than how many have followed and how many have unfollowed me, but I may have misunderstood. I agree though, we don’t want to encourage unfollower stalking. :disappointed_relieved:

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