Can the adventure command "catch" multiple times?

  • If I create an adventure command, say 10 chapters long, Can I make multiple chapters (caught) chapters? Like make it to where it’s possible that every other chapter, people can get caught?

  • Bot Developer

    @saleman_89 This would require a lot of modification to the script to get this working, and it could break if used wrong.

  • I’ve asked some questions about this before, and from what I recall as it was at the time, you can have multiple (caught) events, however it pulls from the original list of entrants every time, so people can die multiple times. I also asked about no-win scenarios, because I have no soul, but apparently that will break the script.

    Obviously I defer to Scania and the other dev’s knowledge of the system, however hopefully this provides more detail to Scania’s original answer.

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