add user to database via chat

  • i switched my friend from revlo to this bot as i am using it an love it but i am handling moving stuff over. how do i add a user to the db via chat? i am an admin on his bot.

    i tried
    !debug !dev !dbadd points user points
    as well as
    !debug !dev !dbadd points user

    thought this would work since to remove them is dbdel am i doing the cmd wrong?

  • Bot Developer

    @psn_4eva You can try this, but I don’t recommend it since you can break the database if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    !debug !dev !dbedit points username_all_lowercase 30, this will only work from chat if you’re the bot owner, not admin, and if devcommands= is set to true in the botlogin.txt file.

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