If possible, can the bot save the last playlist and load it on start?

  • I know it may not be possible because of how the player works, but it would be nice to be able to make the bot load up a playlist when you restart it.

    Currently, you can just override “default” with whatever playlist and then when you open the youtube player, it’d load your new “default”. I’d rather not have to redo my default one 30 times.

    But there are rare times where I’ll go and update my bot on the vps real fast, or push a quick script change, while listening to “metal02” for example. And then when I restart the bot, it loads “default” once more.

    It’d be nice if it saved the playlist name, eg “metal02”, then when you restart the bot (And refresh the yt player page), it’d just pull “metal02” instead of “default”.

  • Bot Developer

    @UsernamesSuck Yes, this would be possible. We would just need to store the name of the “default” playlist and load that at the start instead of default which is automatically loaded now.

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