PhantomBot v2.3.2 Release Notes

  • Bot Developer

    PhantomBot v2.3.2

    This release has fixes to our previous build, v2.3.1. Please let us know if this build has any issues, you can do so by posting on our forum. As always, enjoy the release! For more news and updates, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter!


    • The bot will now thank users for subscribing with Twitch Prime.


    • Fixed SQLite and MySQL auto commit. (Thanks gmt2001)
    • Fixed a few static references. (Thanks gmt2001)
    • The panel will no longer blur out the auto Tweet messages.
    • Fixed the !permission <name> <group> not working.
    • Fixed files always having append on. This will fix multiple followers showing up in the latestFollower.txt file or multiple songs showing in the currentSong.txt file.
    • Fixed the custom API feature not working if it needed a argument.


    • If you disable a command now, and try to add the same one it will give you a error message.


    • Removed jCurses. (Thanks gmt2001)
    • Removed the class. (Thanks stachu540)
    • Removed the auto hosting system since Twitch added their own and its way better. Learn more about it by clicking here.

    Download PhantomBot v2.3.2

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