PhantomBot v2.3.4 Release Notes

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    PhantomBot v2.3.4 Changelog:

    Please note as of PhantomBot v2.3.3, we are dropping support for Java 7. Please read on how to upgrade by clicking this text. PhantomBot v2.3.4 addresses issues to our previous build, v2.3.3. Please let us know if this build has any issues, you can do so by posting on our forum. As always, enjoy the release! For more news and updates, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter! PhantomBot is also looking for developers! Want to help create the best Twitch bot there is? Learn more here!


    • Capture the Invalid NICK message from Twitch during login and alert the user to the fact that they need to double check their user (botname) setting.
    • Added a new moderation filter for fake purges. This will remove <message deleted> variations. This filter is off by default like the other ones.
    • Added custom command, follower, subscriber and tweet support for the discord handler! See this page for more information! The discord_online_channel will now be set via a command and no longer in the botlogin.


    • The HTTP server hosted on [default] port 25005 was not properly handling the PUT request after migrating away from previous IRC library to WebSockets. This has been fixed.
    • Fixed whisper commands not working.
    • The Script subsystem will no longer try to load hidden files from UNIX-like operating systems.
    • Fixed the StreamTip module not setting the clientID which would cause it to auto disable the module.
    • Fixed bad group being returned sometimes for the no permission message.
    • Fixed commands not being registered sometimes when you try to enable them.
    • Fixed error with the emotes cache.
    • The GameWisp REST service subscription check now throws an error in the case of bad tokens and will not attempt to access the REST service again until restarted.
    • Fixed CSS for the range bars in the panel. Sorry this got reverted somehow before v2.3.3.
    • The bot will no longer completely close when using System.exit(0) in the core if there’s an error, it will pause and show you the error.
    • Fixed some toggle commands not working for the moderation system.
    • Fixed a few typos in the moderation command usage.
    • Fixed an other hook call in the subscribeHandler.js.


    • Removed ability to whisper new followers and hosters.

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